BNP Paribas Real Estate Poland introduces programmers to a Gdańsk office building
BNP Paribas Real Estate Poland introduces programmers to a Gdańsk office building


BNP Paribas Real Estate Poland introduces programmers to a Gdańsk office building


Neoteric, a company from the IT sector, is to take up 300 sqm in the C200 office building in Gdańsk. Additionally, the company reserved the right to expand its space to 1 000 sqm. The developer Euro Styl carried out a complete modernization of the 1970s building to match the A class standard.

The location search and lease negotiation process was coordinated by Monika Wakulska and Małgorzata Małecka from the Office Agency Department at BNP Paribas Real Estate Poland. The key aspect of the transaction was to find a location that would enable Neoteric to quickly move to a new office and at the same time provide it with the option to expand to 1 000 sqm.
The central location of the C200 office building means that Neoteric staff will be able to quickly and efficiently access the office by numerous means of public transport as well as using their own cars and bicycles. There is a tram stop and a cycle path directly in front of the building’s main entrance, while the nearest city rail station (Gdańsk Politechnika) is located 600 metres from the office building.
The C200 interior is without any of the usual corporate cookie-cutter design solutions or severity and attracts mainly young and dynamic businesses from the IT sector looking for office space with more informal ambiance that would give them the option to expand in the future. Neoteric staff will thus be able to relax while using the PlayStation games console in the generally accessible playroom with its added chillout zone.

It would not have been possible for Neoteric to relocate in such a short space of time if not for the close and extremely focused collaboration right from the start through to completion of the project. The new location which offers high working environment standards fits in with the objectives of the company’s strategy for dynamic growth and the lease provides the option for more than threefold expansion of the space occupied by Neoteric

Małgorzata Małecka, Consultant, Office Agency Department, BNP Paribas Real Estate Poland

Neoteric has been developing dedicated IT applications and systems for businesses since 2005. Since then it has created several dozen cloud based applications for clients from the IT, aviation and finance industry sectors. The Neoteric group start-ups include: the SkillHunt platform used for IT staff recruitment, the application for arranging meetings, as well as the SaaS Manager platform which enables businesses to faster implement and integrate value added services. Prizes and awards have been bestowed upon SaaS Manager in numerous industry competitions, e.g. Pitch to London, InternetBeta and infoShare Startup Contest. In the latter one, it closed the first investment round with Ferber VC, a fund known for, amongst others, investment in MUSE, the company created by Artur Kurasiński.

When looking for a new office, it was particularly important for us to have the option to expand it at a later date. There are new projects appearing all the time, our team is constantly growing and if we want to continue this trend we will be needing more and more space with time. The other important criterion was the ambiance of the space. C200 represents a brilliant combination of modern office and friendly space, where the view over the shipyard highlights its Gdańsk appeal and quality. The BNP Paribas Real Estate Poland consultants took our expectations into consideration and supported us competently through to successful completion of the negotiation process with the building’s manager

Mateusz Paprocki, Operations Director, Neoteric

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