ROHLIG SUUS Logistics arrives at a Gliwice logistics park


ROHLIG SUUS Logistics arrives at a Gliwice logistics park


One of the leading logistics operators, the Polish ROHLIG SUUS Logistics, will be moving into a logistics and warehouse park in Gliwice. The move to the new location is made as part of implementation of the company’s dynamic growth strategy. BNP Paribas Real Estate Poland supported the company in the analysis process in respect of the options available on Gliwice’s warehouse market and its search for new space.

The decision on the choice of location was not made by chance. We can see there is considerable potential in the region manifesting itself through the growing demand for modern highly specialized and flexible logistics services. The top-class infrastructure of the Gliwice park will enable us to create value for our clients’ business based on the highest standards

Anna Galas, Business Development Director, Contract Logistics at ROHLIG SUUS Logistics

The Gliwice logistics park fits in perfectly with our client’s plans for growth. When choosing the location, in addition to the top-standard, the fact that Silesia, and Gliwice itself, are now becoming an attractive market for relocation of production from the West of Europe was also not without significance

Martyna Kajka, Consultant, Industrial and Logistics Department, BNP Paribas Real Estate Poland

We are pleased that our client succeeded in finding the suitable solution in the form of a location meeting all of his requirements. We hope that the new warehouse will enable ROHLIG SUUS Logistics to continue the intensive development of logistics services in the region

Katarzyna Pyś-Fabiańczyk, Head of Industrial & Logistics Department Central and Eastern Europe, BNP Paribas Real Estate

Previously ROHLIG SUUS Logistics ran its warehousing operations in contract logistics in logistics centres with the total surface area in excess of 150 000 sqm. The logistics growth strategy in this particular field means that operations have to be based in centres with excellent transport links of top technical standard with a green and environment-friendly profile to boot.

ROHLIG SUUS Logistics will occupy 10 000 sqm at the Gliwice park.

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Katarzyna Pyś-Fabiańczyk

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Kajka Martyna

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