Retail department expands its competences


Retail department expands its competences


The retail consultancy department of BNP Paribas Real Estate Poland, extends its competences and offers with a fully comprehensive platform RAM (Retail Active Management). It will support retailers, developers, investors and managers. The scope of activities of the new department that focuses on strategic consultancy, will be led by Fabrice Paumelle.

Retail is one of the fastest-changing sectors of the economy. BNP Paribas Real Estate Poland experts agree that retail is an indicator for new trends, considering the impact of the Internet, social media, networking, globalization and growing importance of local context. The dynamics of changes in this sector causes the need of remodeling the way of thinking and new, wider perspective for retail.

The multidimensionality of changes in retail entails the need to look much wider on this sector of real estate as well of surrounding environment. It is expressed in RAM by the new work methodology we offer. We want to use the strong experience of our experts representing various fields of the market, their knowledge about domestic and foreign markets, as well as the ability to predict trends. My team will play the role of a typical playmaker in retail game: a midfielder with a great field overview and accurate passes with the speed decision making

Fabrice Paumelle, Head of Retail, Central and Eastern Europe, BNP Paribas Real Estate Poland

The main concept of the RAM methodology is to use the competences of BNP Paribas Real Estate Poland business lines for a comprehensive analysis and consulting in retail projects. The team managed by Fabrice Paumelle will be responsible for coordinating work on retail projects with departments such as Property Management, Capital Markets, Valuation and Research and Consulting.
RAM is a comprehensive platform supporting, among others, tenants in the optimal use of the potential of their brands in specific locations, managers in growth of their objects value and investors in the sales processes and purchase of assets. RAM will also be a support for the team responsible for the commercialization and advisory, headed by Natasa Mika.

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